Two Time award Winning Energy Drink Line (DNA ENERGY)

Of note, the primary asset of DNA Brands Inc., is its Two Time award Winning Energy Drink Line (DNA ENERGY). The company owns all of the intellectual property. Its carbonated blends of energy drinks includes citrus, lemon lime, citrus sugar free and cranberry raspberry sugar free flavors under the DNA Energy Drink Brand name.. At present, the company is open to licensing the Energy drink line to the right candidate.

Ride share Rental (a technology company), works with Transportation Network Providers (TNP) companies, providing prearranged transportation services for compensation through an internet-enabled application or digital platform (APP). In turn, passengers are connected with drivers of vehicles for hire. TNP drivers join and become affiliated on the RideShare Rental platform. They are then available to be dispatched through the TNP’s digital platform.

DNA Brands has secured the First Fleet agreement in the state of Florida with, and is building a fleet of cars that it currently rents to TNP’s that use the RideShare Rental platform.